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'Kitchen & Home Giving'


We are a new company supplying products for the kitchen and the home.


Our aim is to be a bit different - which is, NOT to be in business just for the money.


As the name suggests, 'Giving', we are about sharing our proceeds to make a difference to those people less fortunate that ourselves. 


The products we sell are with the aim of making life a little easier in the home and especially, in the kitchen.

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'Givingsomething back....supporting 2 charities

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When we see homeless people living rough, the thought we have of being grateful for what we have, is a natural one. Our ethos at K & H G, is to share what we produce through our business. To achieve this, we have linked up with a local charity called DENS.   

DENS' aim is to be the first port of call for local people, who are facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion; to support and empower them to take the next positive step in their lives.

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Helping The Homeless


Accommodation Services

Social Enterprise Projects

Day Centre & Open Space

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Global's 'Make Some Noise' is a national charity who support the smaller charities who don't get the attention they deserve or the funding they urgently need.

These smaller charities specialise in areas ranging from Mental Health, Domestic Abuse and Grief to helping carers who are supporting vunerable people and helping people experiencing proverty.

It is because of their varied charity structure, covering a far reaching range of people in need, we like to give Global's Make Some Noise, our full support.

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Please visit the Blog page for up to date info on our charity initiatives and activities


7 Kestrel Grove, Caddington, Beds, LU1 4FT

07942 306600

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Company Registration Number: 12541375