Sept 2020

K & H G Products - warranties for a lifetime.

As you will know, your K & H G digital thermometer comes with a lifetime warranty.


All you have to do, when the product arrives, is to register your purchase by using the 'Warranty Registration' button on this website - this will activate your lifetime warranty.

Your warranty certificate will be generated (see sample image) and a unique warranty registration number created for you. This will be will be emailed to you shortly after we receive your registration form.

5060783120062 Sample Image.jpg

Details of K & H G warranty:

  • Warranty covers any manufacturing defect, for life.

  • Warranty does not include accidental damage.

  • Claims under warranty simply requires you to make contact, to notify us you wish to return the product for exchange.

We believe in our products. Offering a lifetime warranty demonstrates we are passionate about providing quality, in what sell and about how we look after our customers in the future.

August 2020

A Guide To Leaving A Review On Amazon

There is no secret about the fact that, the lifeblood of success is to receive as many positive reviews as possible. With selling products through Amazon, there is no exception to this.

If you are happy to provide us with a review, either on the product or about us at K & H G (or both), we would be delighted.

Detailed below, is a simple guide (with screenshots) of what you need to do.

If you choose to leave us a review....THANK YOU VERY MUCH :)

Step 1

Top of Product Listing.jpg

Return to the Amazon page where you purchased your K & H G Thermometer.



Step 2

Review section of Product Listing.jpg

Scroll down to the bottom of the page (see circled area).

Click on the button titled ' Write a customer review' and follow the on screen instructions.

July 2020

3-2 amended.jpg

Calibrating your digital thermometer

When you first open the probe of your thermometer, you will be delighted to see the display activate automatically. EXCELLENT, you will say, the battery is fitted and I'm ready to go!!

Although your K & H G digital thermometer is acurate from the first use, there's nothing like going for absolute precision through calibration.

3-1 amended.jpg

Step 1

Using crushed ice, fill to a couple of inches from the top of a glass.


Step 2


Fill the glass with cold water. Ensure there is enough ice to reach the bottom of the glass. Add more crushed ice if neccessary.

Step 3


Using the probe of your thermometer, stir the iced water.

Step 4


Leave the iced water to settle for a couple of minutes.

Step 5

Immerse the probe of your thermometer into the water, ensuring it doesn't touch the bottom or sides of the glass. Press and hold the CAL button for 2-3 seconds.


Step 6


The display first shows 'CAL' and then reverts to the temperature reading.

As Bruce Forsyth used to say, 'That's all there is to it!!' 


You will now have your digital thermometer perfectly calibrated giving you 'spot on' temperature checking, every time. 

June 2020

Curry Dish.jpg
Chicken & Leef Pie.jpg
Enchilada Dish.jpg
Kebab Dish.jpg
Blog Image Serving Food.jpg
Pineapple Salmon.jpg
Spag Meat Balls Dish.jpg

Playing it safe: Checking the temperature's right!

This is your ultimate guide to getting the temperature right for the food you are about to serve up....

Follow the guidelines below for minimum cooking temperatures and rest time for meat, poultry, seafood, and other cooked foods.

Use a food thermometer to check whether the food has reached the safe internal temperatures, as detailed below.

The Food Standard Agency advice is to cook food for at least 2 minutes at these safe temperatures.

Cooking Temp Table.jpg
Curry Dish.jpg
Chicken & Leef Pie.jpg
Enchilada Dish.jpg
Kebab Dish.jpg
Blog Image Serving Food.jpg
Pineapple Salmon.jpg
Spag Meat Balls Dish.jpg